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Metallife is the professional company that develops and produces opto-electronic parts based on material science. We've striven for development & production of these itemes to meet customer's needs with professional engineer skilled more than 15 years experience and the largest production capability.
We first developed butterfly package in Korea and have produced opto-electronic parts such as BTF-PKGs, Mini-DIL-PKGs and Sub-components that satisfy MIL-standard 883E with high-quality & low cost.
Metallife is continuing it's efforts toward the development of communication industry with customers.

Packages for optoelectronics and telecommunications
Butterfly Packages
Mini-DIL Packages
Ceramic Packages
Golass to metal Packages
RF Packages
Subcomponents of packages for module
Substrates (W-Cu+Kovar/W-Cu+Patterned Ceramic+Kovar/Cu+SUS304)
Heat Sink and Block (W-Cu/Mo-Cu-Mo Clad)
Mount & Plate(Kovar/Invar)
Fiber componets
Lensed Fiber (Multi-Mode Fiber)
Fiber ass'y
Window ferrule
Metal Ferrule
Special Metals
Ti Alloys(Bar/Plate/Tube/Ring,...)
Kovar and Invar
Mo and W Alloy
M.I.M.(Metal Injection Molding) components
Precision Machining
Kovar / Invar Machined parts.
WCu / MoCu Machined parts.
Stainless Steel Machined parts
Titanium Machined parts
Aluminum Machined parts